UMS SKELDAR at Naval Mission Systems Technology in Rome

UMS SKELDAR spotlights UAV technology and essential maritime role
at Naval Mission Systems Technology Conference




V-200 SKELDAR’s role as essential maritime asset in EU NAVFOR fight against piracy and armed robbery off the Horn of Africa and in the Western Indian Ocean to feature at international forum and exhibition; keynote presentation by Jonas Holmkvist, Chief Engineer for the V-200 SKELDAR, discusses the maritime capabilities of the heavy fuel rotary VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) UAV.



The pivotal role of the world-renowned V-200 SKELDAR – the high performance heavy fuel VTOL produced by UMS SKELDAR – in anti-piracy patrols off the Horn of Africa will be showcased at the prestigious Naval Mission Systems Technology conference. The conference takes place 14-15th November in Rome, Italy, in tandem with a specialist exhibition, and will provide the maritime community with an opportunity to find out more about VTOL technology from a keynote presentation by Jonas Holmkvist, Chief Engineer for the V-200 SKELDAR.

The V-200 SKELDAR was deployed by the Spanish Navy during the Meteoro counter piracy patrols in the IRTC (Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor) covering the Gulf of Aden, where it provided real time intelligence around the bases and camps being used by Somali pirates, as well as around various individual offshore operations. Designed to be operated by two people on-board the naval vessel without additional material or media for take-off, the V-200 SKELDAR is uniquely powered by a heavy fuel engine and includes multiple payloads, making it the ideal UAV for maritime operations.

Jonas Holmkvist

“At the Naval Mission Systems Technology conference, we will be demonstrating how our V-200 SKELDAR achieved its mission objectives within the very high temperatures and corrosive conditions of the Indian Ocean. This mission, and others like it, exemplifies the versatility of the V-200 SKELDAR as a pivotal element of a seamless C4ISR solution.”



Speaking about the wide ranging capabilities of the V-200 SKELDAR, including within the maritime, land, military and civilian sectors, he will provide information around how this innovative and multi-faceted unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) can assist organisations in their intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and data research requirements.

David Willems,
UMS SKELDAR’s global business development director adds:

“UAVs are increasingly taking an important role in strategic deployment across a range of maritime applications, serving both military and civilian sectors. Time is money, and this is where UAVs can save on both. Throughout the conference, we will be discussing how UAVs can be integrated into organisations’ ISR strategies, both now and in the future.”

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