How UAVs can assist in resolving the Indo-Pacific challenges
David Willems
  The South China Sea is an area of great importance – economically, politically and militarily. Not only does one-third of the world’s shipping pass through it, worth around US$5 trillion annually, but according to various reports, it also promises to be rich in oil and gas reserves [1]. For decades, it’s been home to multiple territorial disputes involving China, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei. Ranging from impounding fishing vessels through to occupation of islands, these largely unresolved issues have contributed to growing tensions between China and US relations in Asia.   The Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest ocean on […]
Mission Critical
Why UAVs would benefit Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines David Willems, Global Business Development Director of UMS SKELDAR, tackles the issues related to aerial patrol within the APAC region and provides solutions to better scope the region. The dynamic unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) market covers a spectrum of applications in the defence, commercial, and homeland security sectors and according to industry researchers, is forecast to be worth US$14.9 billion by 2020. Across the Asia Pacific region, in particular Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, there are a wide variety of maritime issues being confronted by officials every day. Geographical scoping of […]
Mission Possible
ASIA SPECIFIC  George Duncan, Asia Pacific Business Development Director for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle manufacturer UMS SKELDAR, discusses UAV requirements in the region Difficult to access terrain not only presents obvious logistical challenges for land-based patrols, but the cost of manned flights of fixed wing aircraft or helicopters with trained crews, can be exorbitant even for the most robust of national budgets. Take this scenario to Asia from the sub-continent to the Pacific Rim and you have a veritable mission impossible. Increasing geo-political and external pressures as well as home grown concerns are placing governments and agencies alike under the spotlight […]