Latin America launch of UMS SKELDAR’s world-leading unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technology at EXPONAVAL 2016, Chile

SKELDAR V-200 spearheads Latin America campaign led by UMS SKELDAR head of sales Carl Foucard, launched during region’s largest naval event to military and civilian personnel; initial phase includes three-country tour: Chile, Peru, Colombia as company eyes contracts across the region.

Base Aeronaval Concón, Viña del Mar, Chile ++

UMS SKELDAR – the Saab and UMS AERO owned company and leading multi-platform UAS (unmanned aerial systems) solutions provider – has set its sights on developing opportunities in key markets across South and Central America covering defence, security and civilian sectors.

The Latin America campaign – earmarked for a series of demonstrations to military and civilian decision-makers – is officially launched at EXPO NAVAL 2016 in Chile, 29th November – 2nd December, at the base Aeronaval Concón, Viña del Mar, Chile. The event will be an opportunity for UMS SKELDAR’s head of sales Carl Foucard to spotlight the heavy fuel NATO-compliant VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) unmanned helicopter, SKELDAR V-200 and its maritime role including anti-piracy missions with the Spanish Navy.

According to Foucard, the 10th international naval and maritime exhibition and conference for Latin America provides the “launchpad for UMS SKELDAR’s initiatives in the region”. At this important event, Foucard will be discussing both the key features and how UAVs are already assisting navies across the globe with their surveillance and reconnaissance requirements. The event, with 160 exhibitors and participating companies, has already registered 73 international navy delegations to the congress, exhibition and live demonstrations. Following the flagship conference in Chile, Foucard will meet with military and civilian contacts in Peru and Colombia.

latin_americaUMS SKELDAR is actively looking to develop partnerships and collaborate with companies throughout Latin America. Elsewhere, in the region, Fixed Wing trials have taken place with the Uruguay military, showcasing tactical UAS ability to carry out several roles, including Convoy Support, Route Surveillance, Direct Support and civil applications from airborne police support to agricultural surveillance/monitoring.


Talking ahead of Latin America’s largest maritime congress, Foucard explains:

“At EXPO NAVAL 2016, we will demonstrate how the SKELDAR V-200 achieved its mission objectives in a theatre of operations with very high temperatures and corrosive conditions. This mission with the Spanish Navy in the Indian Ocean, and others like it, exemplifies the versatility of the SKELDAR V-200 as a pivotal element of a seamless C4ISR solution. The parallels with the Pacific and Atlantic seaboards make ‘Operation Atalanta’ of key interest to military and civilian maritime agencies.”


Speaking about the wide ranging capabilities of the SKELDAR V-200, including within the maritime, land, military and civilian sectors, he will provide information around how this innovative and multi-faceted unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) can assist organisations in their intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and data research requirements.

These include ground or ship-based stations, communications links and data terminals together with managed services, enabling both military and civilian organisations to select the package that meets their requirements.

The Saab heritage enables the SKELDAR V-200 to integrate with systems such as the Saab 9LV Naval combat management system, Naval ESM (Electronic Support Measures) and ELINT (electronic intelligence) as well as Naval Laser Warning systems. Meanwhile, built-in interoperability allows the SKELDAR V-200, originally designed as a maritime platform, to importantly integrate with other proprietary systems as specified through warship or ground control systems.

According to chief executive Jakob Baumann, a former two star general (MG) in the Swiss armed forces, the Saab-developed SKELDAR V-200 is the company’s focus for roll out in Latin America: “Our strategy is based on a collaborative approach whereby we work with local partners and distributors. In Latin America we are keen to expand our partner network programme and we believe our solutions will play a vital role in the region for military and increasingly a spectrum of civilian applications including surveying, agriculture and wildlife, habitat and natural resources protection.”

In addition to Latin America, the declared focus for the business, in what is described by UMS SKELDAR as ‘world launch year’, is South East Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The company is Europe’s only provider of high endurance vertical take-off (VTOL) and fixed wing. Its comprehensive solutions portfolio includes the Rotary SKELDAR V-200 and R-350 and Fixed Winged F-330 and F-720.


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