Defence and Security
Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) strategies are becoming increasingly critical to successful maritime and overland missions.

Mission critical intelligence

Maritime operations within the defence and security sector require timely, robust and dependable intelligence. UMS SKELDAR is the leading platform for navies and maritime operations worldwide.

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) strategies are becoming increasingly critical to successful maritime missions. UMS SKELDAR provides a range of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) suitable for seaborne activities including Vertical Take Off & Landing (VTOL) rotary platforms.

Through offering multi-role use cases, we are uniquely positioned to advise customers, including those of NATO states, on the appropriate platform for their needs. In addition, we are recognised as a pioneer in design, avionics and the one and only engine in its class, for maritime use, and deployable from naval vessels.

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V-200 & V-150

Aerial Support
in Challenging Scenarios

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Aerial Support
in Challenging Scenarios

Class-leading endurance enables the V-200 to maintain an Over the Horizon (OTH) vantage point for extensive periods, providing the host ship crew with the necessary information to stay one step ahead of evolving seaborne threats. Equipped with the appropriate Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) gathering payload, the V-200 can be used to intercept signals and provide geodetic positioning information of seaborne threats in high-risk scenarios.

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Intelligence, Surveillance
& Reconnaissance

UMS SKELDAR’s V-150 is the perfect Rotary Unmanned Aircraft System (RUAS) for Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) missions, giving coastal or land-based teams the tactical advantage needed to stay one step ahead of escalating threats. Equipped with an EO/IR, SAR or COMINT sensor combination, the SKELDAR V-150 offers the possibility to monitor infinitely more area when compared to ground-based alternatives.

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The SKELDAR V-150 can respond to the enforcement needs of a wide range of land border protection, coastal security, fisheries control, anti-piracy, oil and air pollution and antismuggling policies. An unmatched small logistical footprint provides easy maintenance, transport, and preparation for takeoff in under fifteen minutes from remote sites near nonpermissive environments.

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Anti Submarine
Warefare (ASW)

Capable of supporting wide-area ASW and countermine operations, the V-200 becomes an excellent extended endurance airborne tool for classifying, locating, and tracking submersible threats when equipped with suitable maritime sensors. An ASW equipped V-200 allows an operation to take place at a safer stand-off range, reducing the risk to personnel and the host vessel itself.

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Improving Ship Detection
Range in Real-time

Capable of simultaneously tracking multiple targets in real-time when equipped with an EO/IR and SAR sensor combination, the V-200 greatly improves ship detectability range and surveillance capabilities, enabling for the dynamic detection of illegal activities such as piracy, narco-trafficking and illegal migration, increasing maritime asset safety and security.

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Remote and difficult to access borders present authorities with challenging surveillance scenarios. Six-hour flight times and numerous payload combination options make the V-200 an invaluable asset for coastal and overland border monitoring operations

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A Concept of operations

UMS SKELDAR offers multi-day Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) training courses to suit your needs, led by professionals with years of experience on the frontline. Available for both military and non-military personnel, each course provides training for a whole range of real-life scenarios.

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Johan Lindblad

Johan Lindblad

Head of UAS operations

“Roles of UAS systems in field of action during peace and conflict.”

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