Peace-keeping role in Korea envisaged for SKELDAR V-200

Recognising the strategic importance of the Korean peninsula and the Asia-Pacific region, UMS SKELDAR joined forces with JITEL GLOBAL AVIATION, to showcase the flagship rotary VTOL SKEDLDAR V-200 at MADEX 2017, the International Defense Industry Exhibition at Busan, Republic of Korea.



JITEL Global, Sales Director Mr. H.K Lee spotlighted the heavy-fuel maritime and NATO-compliant V-200 together with ViDAR, the wide area autonomous detection system for electro-optic imagery in the maritime domain.

ViDAR in conjunction with deployment on a platform such as SKELDAR V-200 enables coverage over 80 times the ocean’s surface compared with existing electro-optic sensors. ViDAR transforms the utility of tactical UAS’s by giving them a ‘find’ function for the first time. Operators typically must rely on larger, more expensive aircraft to detect objects in the ocean; ViDAR provides the find capability in a smaller, more cost-effective payload.


According to David Willems, UMS SKELDAR’s Head of Business Development:

“The Asia-Pacific region is not only a world focus from a geo-political perspective, but is a priority for UMS SKELDAR. The maritime domain especially provides a compelling reason for our unmatched unmanned helicopter platforms’ SKELDAR V-200 complemented by blue light and tactical front-line capabilities of our R-350.”



The exhibition took place in October and was held in tandem with long-term high level discussions with a range of agencies in South Korea.