SKELDAR V-200 confirms its status as pioneer of heavy fuel capabilities


UMS SKELDAR showcases its strong maritime capabilities at the only comprehensive international exhibition of its kind in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, Pacific 2017



World–leader in rotary Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) solutions UMS SKELDAR is using international maritime exposition, Pacific 2017, to showcase its increased array of maritime and navy-based capabilities thanks to advancements in its flagship unmanned helicopter, the SKELDAR V-200. With its pioneering two-stroke Hirth heavy fuel engine and new ViDAR payload capabilities including the unique deployment of five to 10 cameras for optimal 360-degree maritime domain awareness, the V-200 is on the radar of international navies and coastguards worldwide.


“The SKELDAR V-200 became part of our world-beating portfolio when Saab teamed up with UMS AERO just two years ago,”

explains David Willems, Business Development Director for UMS SKELDAR.

“Since then, we have gone on to refine the V-200’s heavy fuel capabilities as well as increase the variety of payload options, all resulting in an enhanced ability to service our maritime clients’ requirements for safe, state-of-the-art, data capture techniques in a multitude of operational arenas.”


The flagship SKELDAR V-200 is powered by a two-cylinder, in-line, two-stroke, liquid cooled internal combustion engine provided by Hirth Motors. It has one of the highest power to weight ratios available in comparison to competitor engines, includes a 235-kilo take-off weight and can carry a wide variety of payload options up to 40 kilos of weight. Alongside this, the V-200 includes excellent fuel consumption, an ability to cold start without the requirement for heaters and has the best time between overhaul (TBO) within its class, making it the ideal partner for navies and coastguards around the globe.


“With those involved in illegal activities now resorting to sophisticated means, from illegal boarding of merchant ships to transporting contraband, the role of agencies in detection and prevention is more challenging than ever before,” continues Willems. “Manned crews, although they have a purpose, are an expensive, often in-efficient mechanism for monitoring and capturing data from vast seas and borders. Instead, using a platform like the SKELDAR V-200 to do this job not only saves you time and money, it is also a highly safe option due to its heavy fuel based engine.”   


Flexible and highly versatile, the SKELDAR V-200 is the leading RPAS multi-payload and high-endurance platform within the mid-range UAV market, incorporating Saab’s experience of 80 years in the aviation industry. The platform is multi-role and capable of performing reconnaissance, identification, target acquisition and electronic warfare. Additionally, the system is deployable with a number of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) high resolution EO/IR, SAR and EW sensors, in addition to a range of training packages.