Training programmes in Asia-Pacific

Photo shows successful passing out of Indonesian army training cohort following programme with UMS SKELDAR on F-330 operations including maintenance and flight ops.

Certificates were presented by Ewen Stockbridge Syme, UMS SKELDAR Training Manager, who confirmed that more training programmes continue in Indonesia and other regions throughout 2016.

The Indonesian Army is looking to improve its border security and border control and has commenced trials patrolling its huge coastline and territorial waters.

Indonesia’s total land area is 1,919,317 square kilometres (741,052 sq mi). Included in Indonesia’s total territory is another 93,000 square kilometres (35,908 sq mi) of inland seas (straits, bays, and other bodies of water) and is ranked by some as the world’s second longest coastline. The additional surrounding sea areas bring Indonesia’s generally recognised territory (land and sea) to about 5 million square kilometres._007