UMS SKELDAR announces Latin America as priority focus…

UMS SKELDAR announces Latin America as priority focus
in global strategy spearheaded by rotary SKELDAR V-200 UAS

Global footprint to be completed through implementation of Latin America distributor strategy integrating new technologies

April 29th, 2016: XPONENTIAL at AUVSI, New Orleans.,

The NATO compliant innovation-packed unmanned helicopter SKELDAR V-200 is spearheading UMS SKELDAR’s global breakthrough strategy into military and civilian markets in Latin America, adding to contracts and tenders recently announced in Asia-Pacific and Middle East-Africa.

xponentialThe solutions package, designed by the UMS SKELDAR expert technology teams from manufacturing facilities in Switzerland and Sweden, expands beyond the product and provides services of associated systems. These include ground stations, communications links and data terminals together with managed services, enabling both military and civilian organisations to select the package that meets their requirements. The company will showcase the unmatched portfolio featuring the SKELDAR V-200 at XPONENTIAL 2016, the largest trade show for the unmanned systems and robotics industry being held in New Orleans, 2-5 May, 2016 Booth 2627.

Created through a joint venture between Saab and UMS Aero earlier this year, Europe’s only provider of high endurance vertical take-off (VTOL) and fixed wing UAVs – comprises four platforms with a comprehensive solutions portfolio specialising across the 3-12+ hour endurance range including: the Fixed Winged F-330 and F-720, and the Rotary R-350 and SKELDAR V-200.


Jakob Baumann, CEO

At XPONENTIAL, the Saab-developed SKELDAR V-200 will take centre stage and spearhead the company’s strategy going forward, explains chief executive Jakob Baumann, former two star general (MG) in the Swiss armed forces.


“Our strategy is based on a collaborative approach whereby we work with local partners and distributors. With certain platforms, for example in South East Asia, we intend to develop in-country joint manufacturing facilities. In Latin America we are keen to expand our partner network programme.”


The SKELDAR V-200 supports deployment to navy and land/air C4SRI measures, and is a versatile system for a wide range of applications such as reconnaissance, identification, target acquisition and electronic warfare. A number of COTS high resolution EO/IR, SAR and EW sensors are available.


Customer contracts of the SKELDAR V-200 include military deployment with the Spanish Navy in the Indian Ocean on anti-piracy missions as well as civilian use for Power line work with Norwegian UAS service provider Nordic Unmanned. In Latin America, Fixed Wing trials have taken place with the Uruguay military, showcasing tactical UAS ability to carry out several roles, including Convoy Support, Route Surveillance, Direct Support and several civil applications including airborne police support and agricultural surveillance/monitoring. Additionally, UMS SKELDAR is in discussions with interested parties in Mexico and Colombia for deployment of the SKELDAR V-200 and other platform solutions.

According to Carl Foucard, deputy global sales director for the SKELDAR V-200, this world launch year provides an ideal springboard for the Latin America expansion programme. He cites the company’s ideal market position as a global RPAS designer and manufacturer – importantly with access to maritime operational demonstration areas – and interoperability with other platforms.


151120_carl foucard_212x266 px_72 dpi“We have created an unrivalled total solutions package. As part of our growing portfolio of flexible managed services, we are able to offer a range of ISR and operator training programmes and financial options including operating and wet leasing, where we provide the platform and operators on a fixed-term basis, through to lease back and fixed monthly payments for training. Proven with armed forces and civilian applications worldwide, the SKELDAR V-200 is a highly versatile and intelligent strategic package that is ready for immediate deployment.”

Specifically with SKELDAR V-200, Foucard points to “the best of both world’s”, explaining:

“Clearly the Saab heritage enables us to integrate with systems such as the Saab 9LV Naval combat management system, Naval ESM (Electronic Support Measures) and ELINT (electronic intelligence) as well as Naval Laser Warning systems. However, built-in interoperability allows us to importantly integrate with other proprietary systems as specified through warship or ground control systems. We have proven the SKELDAR V-200, through intensive customers trials, is ready and this year is earmarked for implementation through a number of contracts, not least the military and security applications across maritime borders,”

explained Foucard, adding

“the fact that we have a range of managed services and finance options including provision of personnel makes our solution highly attractive across a range of short and longer term applications.”


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