UMS SKELDAR joins forces with ESG at ILA Berlin International Airshow
30 May 2016
ESG, Display H4, Stand Nr. 002

UMS SKELDAR joins forces with ESG at ILA Berlin International Airshow

1-4 June 2016, Berlin ExpoCenter Airport






UMS SKELDAR will be fielding an executive team
at ILA, the Berlin International Air Show 

Carl Foucard, Deputy Business Development Director and Head of SKELDAR Sales will be based at partner ESG (ESG Elektroniksystem und Logistik GmbH) stand No. 002, Display H4, at the ILA Plaza, and will be briefing on the latest updates from UMS SKELDAR.











Created through a joint venture between Saab and UMS Aero earlier this year, Europe’s only provider of high endurance vertical take-off (VTOL) and fixed wing UAVs – comprises four platforms with a comprehensive solutions portfolio specialising across the 3-12+ hour endurance range including: the Fixed Winged F-330 and F-720, and the Rotary R-350 and SKELDAR V-200.

The company has already won contracts in Asia Pacific and Europe and is under consideration for a tender with the Royal Australian Navy for integration of the multi-role SKELDAR V-200 – a heavy fuel VTOL rotary UAV with proven seaborne capabilities.

Location on virtual map here: http://www.virtualmarket.ila-berlin.de/en/ESG-Elektroniksystem-und-Logistik-GmbH,c31671#hallplan$1140$002