UMS SKELDAR signs enhanced partnership agreement with ESG to include SKELDAR V-200.
New agreement makes full RPAS portfolio eligible for deployment in German Federal military and civilian contracts.


UMS SKELDAR’s portfolio of RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) including the rotary vertical take-off (VTOL) SKELDAR V-200 has become an integral part of an enhanced partnership agreement signed with ESG (ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH) at the ILA Berlin Airshow 2016.



According to UMS SKELDAR https://umsskeldar.aero/ this partnership ideally positions the company and its range of RPAS as a potential provider for German Federal RPAS contracts with the focus on tenders with the German Navy and the Bundeswehr (German defence forces and civil procurement agencies). The agreement was signed for ESG GmbH by Christoph Weber, Executive Vice President Aerosystems Division and Gregor Zowierucha, Head of UAS programs and for UMS SKELDAR AG by Stefan Peller, Chairman and Oliver Guggenheim, CFO.

The SKELDAR V-200 was incorporated into UMS SKELDAR’s portfolio following the joint venture between Saab AB (publ) and UMS Aero AG earlier this year, creating Europe’s only provider of both high endurance VTOL and fixed wing UAVs.
The line-up of UAV platforms provides a comprehensive solutions portfolio specialising across the 3-12+ hour endurance range including: the Fixed Winged F-330 and F-720, and the Rotary R-350 in addition to the SKELDAR V-200.

The partnership with ESG also includes a range of certification services, provision of UMAT Ground Control Station integrated inside ESGs Flexible Mobile GCS of the Unmanned Mission Avionics Test Helicopter (UMAT) for the R-350, with potential migration to the SKELDAR V-200.


“We have built an extremely successful partnership with ESG, and together with the SKELDAR V-200, we now field an unmatched portfolio of RPAS solutions. Together with ground stations and finance options, we are able to provide strategic solutions for both military and civilian applications,”

explained Jacob Baumann, former two-star general in the Swiss military and CEO of UMS SKELDAR.


The company has already won contracts in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe and is under consideration for a tender with the Royal Australian Navy for integration of the multi-role SKELDAR V-200 – a heavy fuel VTOL rotary UAV with proven seaborne capabilities in maritime exercises – and is looking to secure other maritime and land contracts globally.