UMS SKELDAR and Hydronalix Announce Co-Operation Agreement at Modern Day Marine Event

June 27 – 29, 2023

Washington, DC

UMS SKELDAR is pleased to announce our co-operation with Hydronalix.

Our latest co-operation agreement enables UMS SKELDAR to equip its market-leading SKELDAR V-200 with Hydronalix’s Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) enhancing the manned-unmanned common operating picture across multiple maritime domains.

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The agreement will feature UMS SKELDAR’s market-leading V-200 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) equipped with one of Hydronalix’s groundbreaking Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) systems. The joint UAV & USV will be displayed at Modern Day Marine 2023.

The new joint platform offers new solutions to emerging operational challenges within, for example, complex, contested littoral areas where supporting networks of manned – unmanned systems are required for efficient, resilient operations.

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Ted Ackerstierna

Vice President for the USA market

“At UMS SKELDAR, we are constantly working to broaden the capabilities of our UAV platforms, …”

“… not only in terms of sensor-based payloads, but also with technologies like Hydronalix’s USVs that we can employ from our UAV systems. The USVs offered by Hydronalix are such versatile pieces of technology, which we saw a great many uses for including supporting covert surveillance missions and acting as a critical communications link. Attached to our SKELDAR V-200, which has an endurance of over six hours with significant payload weight, the complete system will be able to provide a wide range of enhanced capabilities for Marine Corps and Navy war fighters across their operational domains.”

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Anthony Mulligan

CEO for Hydronalix

“The possibility of launching Hydronalix’s USVs from UMS SKELDAR’s V-200 UAVs is a potential gamechanger for Marine Corps and Navy war fighters who seek unmanned technologies that can enhance their operational capabilities. The future distributed force concepts require innovative solutions that can provide the domain awareness for effective decision making. From rescue to ISR assignments, the UMS SKELDAR UAV / Hydronalix USV platform combination with advanced mesh networking promises to serve Expeditionary and Special Forces under new distributed force designs.”

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Hydronalix’s platforms are designed as an asset for a wide range of applications, including covert surveillance and acting as a critical communications link. With their unique lightweight designs, portability, transport ability and single person deployable focus, Hydronalix’s USV technology line is rapidly deployed and transferred by any means of transportation. Hydronalix’s USVs are outfitted with a diverse range of different sensors that can conduct a variety of missions. The technology complements Marine Corps and Navy war fighters by adding valuable, timely resources without adding additional personnel.
UMS SKELDAR is a leading VTOL UAS manufacturer uniquely offering a two Unmanned Aircraft (UA) portfolio to meet the needs of a range of military, civil, and commercial applications. From surveillance and reconnaissance to search and rescue, UMS SKELDAR’s UASs offer reliable and practical solutions to meet the most demanding maritime or overland operational requirements. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and quality, UMS SKELDAR is committed to delivering advanced technology and exceptional service to its customers worldwide.

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