Cargo Transportation takes drone technologies to the next level.
David Willems
VP Business Development
and Strategy.
  Cargo transportation is as old as time. Throughout the centuries we have seen a wide range of freight transportation come and go, ranging from horse-drawn wagons to aeroplanes and helicopters. For many years, goods travelled to their destinations using horse drawn wagons, which were very slow and often dangerous for the people driving them. Later, with the introduction of the railway system, freight could be delivered to destinations further away in a faster, safer way. However, there were still limitations as railways only covered a certain part of the country, and different modes of transport were still required to […]
UAVs take to the skies in the oil and gas industry.
David Willems
VP Business Development
and Strategy.
  The oil and gas industry is highly complex: asset management, environmental compliance and safety must all be addressed and guaranteed. For example, many organisations have invested heavily in deploying large oil pipeline infrastructure across an expansive geographic network, spanning countries and continents. This creates a need for activities such as oil and gas exploration, inspection and monitoring of pipelines. Pipelines must be routinely inspected to not only ensure its structural integrity for continuing safe operations, but also to monitor for intruders and other potential trespassers. The same can be said for oil fields out at sea. Traditionally, inspections have […]
How UAVs can assist in resolving the Indo-Pacific challenges
David Willems
  The South China Sea is an area of great importance – economically, politically and militarily. Not only does one-third of the world’s shipping pass through it, worth around US$5 trillion annually, but according to various reports, it also promises to be rich in oil and gas reserves [1]. For decades, it’s been home to multiple territorial disputes involving China, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei. Ranging from impounding fishing vessels through to occupation of islands, these largely unresolved issues have contributed to growing tensions between China and US relations in Asia.   The Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest ocean on […]
Strategic Fixed Wing Aircraft vs Tactical VTOL UAVs
Ewen Stockbridge Sime
  Strategic and complementary roles of unmanned aerial platforms point the way to surveillance and interdiction of maritime threats, explains former RAF Squadron Leader Ewen Stockbridge Syme. The maritime domain for defence, security and civilian applications has a wide range of challenges to contend with and one area that encompasses all three of these is Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) capabilities. Navy commanders have a range of options in their tactical portfolio to increase and enhance their BLOS capability. Two of the most popular choices are fixed wing aircraft (manned and unmanned) and VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) UAVs […]
UMS SKELDAR consolidates position as UAV technology innovator with acquisition of the assets of aviation pioneer Hirth
UMS SKELDAR showcases NATO-compliant unmanned helicopters with partner ESG at ILA Berlin
UMS SKELDAR’s unique V-200 VTOL platform takes centre stage at the most innovative trade event in aerospace; UMS partners with ESG to provide expanding unmanned maritime, military and civilian sector capabilities Tuesday April 24th 2018 Stand Details: ILA Berlin, Hall 2, Stand No. 225 World pioneer of rotary heavy fuel engines and NATO-compliant Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) solutions UMS SKELDAR has joined forces with key partner ESG (ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH) to showcase the companies’ combined UAV capabilities at ILA Berlin, 25th-29th April. Incorporating the SKELDAR V-200 and drone defence system GUARDION as prime examples of the innovative technologies on […]
  Abu Dhabi becomes a spotlight for global unmanned players at UMEX, Unmanned Systems Exhibition and Conference (UMEX) 25-27 February 2018. David Willems, head of business development at UMS SKELDAR www.umsskeldar.aero will be exhibiting (Stand Number 03-B12) with joint venture partner Saab. He will be talking to key military, civilian and Government contacts from across the region on integration of unmanned strategies across a wide bandwidth of applications. Willems explains in this blog, the company, no strangers to the UAE, regularly attending UMEX, IDEX and the Dubai Air Show, is ideally placed to support customers in the Gulf region which […]
Waiving the rules… New strategies for integration of unmanned aerial vehicles with naval assets.
  New strategies for integration of unmanned aerial vehicles with naval assets, discussed by UMS SKELDAR’s Head of Training and former RAF officer Ewen Stockbridge Sime. Since the birth on naval warfare the ships with the capability to understand the maritime space have prevailed.  Be that to evade an adversary or to position to attack.  This has led many maritime tacticians to try and expand their Maritime Domain Awareness or MDA. MDA is not a new concept nor is it complex.  As early as 2005, the US DoD (Department of Defense) released the National Plan To Achieve Maritime Domain Awareness […]
Intelligence Vital for Maritime Security Success
  Maritime sector reviews UAV capabilities as part of future security requirements Introduction – grades of fuel The UAV market is growing exponentially. In fact, it is expected to be valued at $14.9 billion by 2020, primarily due to its use in naval and maritime operations. As a result of global territorial borders, countries are forced to tackle a spectrum of issues including illegal fishing, illegal border crossing, armed robbery of ships and sea piracy, drug trafficking, human trafficking, maritime terrorism, arms smuggling and illegal logging. Therefore, surveillance to resolve these issues becomes a costly and challenging task for any defence […]
Remote control: protecting vital national assets
UMS SKELDAR’s Global Business Development Director David Willems and Training Director and former RAF officer Ewen Stockbridge Sime.   No one, let alone professionals working in the security and defence industries, needs to be reminded of the vulnerability of core national infrastructure assets. The high profile attacks of 9/11 in New York and also the Pentagon in Washington DC, together with countless other incidents ranging from perimeter breeches of civil airspace and airports to catastrophic loss of people and assets, demonstrates all too clearly the vulnerability of essential infrastructure.  From oil and gas pipelines and storage tanks to nuclear and […]
Mission Critical
Why UAVs would benefit Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines David Willems, Global Business Development Director of UMS SKELDAR, tackles the issues related to aerial patrol within the APAC region and provides solutions to better scope the region. The dynamic unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) market covers a spectrum of applications in the defence, commercial, and homeland security sectors and according to industry researchers, is forecast to be worth US$14.9 billion by 2020. Across the Asia Pacific region, in particular Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, there are a wide variety of maritime issues being confronted by officials every day. Geographical scoping of […]
Eastern Eye in the sky – Blog from the United Arab Emirates
Keeping an eye on Mideast assets The case for integrated civilian and military ISR/ C4ISR strategies UMS SKELDAR’s Middle East Operations Director and former RAF officer Ewen Stockbridge Sime, blogs from the United Arab Emirates where he is preparing for UAV test flights at Al Ain, as part of the UMEX 2016 , the Unmanned Systems Exhibition and Conference, Abu Dhabi 6-8 March 2016. The demonstrations are being held for invited senior military and civilian guests from the GCC countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE) and other key international observers including from NATO and embassy military attaches. Ewen […]
Race against the clock
ASIA SPECIFIC  Race against the clock Search and rescue in South East Asia Former RAF officer and helicopter pilot George Duncan, Asia Pacific Business Development Director for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle manufacturer UMS SKELDAR has 6,500 plus flying hours under his belt. In this latest blog in the series ASIA SPECIFIC he considers the race against time in search and rescue operations and how smart deployment of assets can help get the job done, sometimes with a happy ending. If anyone ever needed a short hand description of hunting for a needle in a haystack, then this metaphor is encapsulated by […]
Mission Possible
ASIA SPECIFIC  George Duncan, Asia Pacific Business Development Director for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle manufacturer UMS SKELDAR, discusses UAV requirements in the region Difficult to access terrain not only presents obvious logistical challenges for land-based patrols, but the cost of manned flights of fixed wing aircraft or helicopters with trained crews, can be exorbitant even for the most robust of national budgets. Take this scenario to Asia from the sub-continent to the Pacific Rim and you have a veritable mission impossible. Increasing geo-political and external pressures as well as home grown concerns are placing governments and agencies alike under the spotlight […]